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Students with a disability

Students diagnosed as having an intellectual, visual, hearing, speech and language or physical impairment or have an autistic spectrum disorder are verified under the  Education Adjustment Program​ are able to access this facility.

Special education program

To support the uniqueness of each child with a disability effectively, the special education program at Boronia Heights State School is designed to cater for students successes. Students that are diagnosed with a disability and verified under the education adjustment program are able to access this facility.

Special education program goals

  1. To ensure the development of a school culture which supports school policy as it relates to inclusive curriculum and issues of social justice.
  2. To work under the direction of the principal of the school to make the most effective use of resources to support programming and implementation for students with disabilities.
  3. To ensure that parents receive information and have equal opportunity to contribute to outcomes.
  4. To develop appropriate responses to work towards optimal outcomes for students.

Advisory visiting teachers

Advisory visiting teachers visit on a needs or request basis. These teachers support children who are hearing, visually, physically or language impaired. These teachers work in conjunction with class teachers or other specialists to assist children.​​​